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This lesson on Thunderstorms involves a Thunderstorm Simulation





Title – Science lesson on Thunderstorms
By – Joanna Claire Rebone
Subject – Science
Grade Level – 3rd

Focus: The students will participate in a thunderstorm simulation. Each child will follow the teacher in making the sounds of the thunderstorm. Teacher starts by rubbing hands together, then patting (not clapping) hands, then snapping, getting progressively louder, then clapping loud, then stomping and clapping. Then slow the storm down by going back through the actions. Teacher starts and children copy his/her actions.

Objective: The students will learn what is involved in a thunderstorm.
Instruction: the class will perform the thunderstorm simulation and learn how rainfall varies from state to state. Each child will represent a state and will have a certain number of paper which is to be tossed during the rainfall simulation. Each paper represents one inch of rainfall. The students will graph the different amounts of rainfall per state once the storm is over.

Closure: The students will write a journal about what they like to do when it rains.

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