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In this idea students go on a Nature Walk to look at Trees and Leaves




2, 3  

Title – Nature walk to learn about types of trees

By – Debbie Haren

Primary Subject – Science

Secondary Subjects –

Grade Level – Grades 2-3





forest or outdoor area

books about different types of trees

Objectives: To look at different leaves and learn what type of tree they belong too by looking at their characteristics. Looking at shape, size, color and pattern the veins make on the leaf.


Take children outside and let them look for leaves. Have them find and collect at least 2 different types of leaves. Have them bring them inside and then glue them to their white paper. Then proceed to show them books on different types of leaves and ask them “How are you going to know what kind of tree your leaf belongs to? Try to get them to answer color, shape, design etc… Explain to them that they are using classification to identify the correct tree of the leaf. After they feel they have the correct type of tree have them explain how they came to that conclusion. Then when you know they are correct have them write the tree down on their paper. If the children write in journals have them write about what they did and if they were correct in their findings!


Debbie Haren


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