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This lab experiment demonstrates osmosis




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Title – Osmosis-Lab Study
By – Carolyn Zardoust
Primary Subject – Science
Grade Level – 9th – 12th

This experiment is to understand the process of osmosis.

Supplies needed:

      1 egg


      2 mason jars


      1 cup of white vinegar


      1 cup of Karo syrup

Put 1 cup of vinegar into one of the mason jars and then gently drop the egg into the jar. It should float and begin to bubble immediately. The acid in the vinegar will slowly eat away the outer shell of the egg over a period of 5-7 days. This will leave the inner “shell” (the thin transparent coating that holds the contents of the egg yolk). You my notice also that the egg sac is enlarged because vinegar has more water than the egg has in the beginning and osmosis will balance the amount of water so that both the vinegar and the egg have the same amount of water in them. After 1 week, remove the egg from the vinegar and insert it into a mason jar filled with the Karo syrup. Allow the egg to soak in the Karo syrup for 3-5 days. You will notice that the egg is somewhat shriveled up because osmosis has evened out the water levels again (there is much less water in the Karo syrup than inside the egg to begin with).

For variables you can try this with a white egg and a brown egg of approx. the same size and see which egg has the greatest or least amount of change (soaks up more or less water).

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