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Water Cycle Unit, Culminating Activity


Math, Science, Social Studies  



Title – Water Cycle Unit, Culminating Activity
By – Kristy Brooten
Primary Subject – Science
Secondary Subjects – Math, Social Studies 
Grade Level – 4
The Water Cycle Unit Contents:

Culminating Activity

Concept being taught:The Water Cycle – Water vapor moves between the earth’s surface and its atmosphere in a continuous cycle

I. Objectives:
Content: TSWBAT depict and clearly describe the stages of the water cycle in a creative format
Skill: TSWBAT communicate his knowledge of the water cycle to class

II. Materials and Equipment
Variety of supplies as needed by students to create project

III. Detailed Lesson Outline: Closure
We have spent the last several days investigating the stages of the water cycle. In small groups, design your own project in which you will depict what you have learned. Examples:           chart, song, simulated journal entry, skit, rap, poem, dance, story, mural, sculpture, etc. Be sure your depiction clearly shows the three stages of the cycle and gives credit to the Designer and Sustainer of the water cycle (God!). Submit idea to teacher before beginning work on project. As you work on your project, complete your KWL chart by filling in some important things you have learned about the water cycle.
When projects are complete, students present projects to the class. As students present, they share one important thing they learned about the water cycle in this unit that they did not know before. Turn in KWL charts to teacher (for a check, not a grade!).

IV.          Integration
          Students are asked to use biblical integration from precipitation lesson as they prepare their projects.

          Students use another subject medium (Language Arts, Art, Music, Drama) to depict what they have learned about the water cycle.

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