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Water Cycle Unit Introduction, Water Cycle


Math, Science, Social Studies  



Title – Water Cycle Unit Introduction, Water Cycle
By – Kristy Brooten
Primary Subject – Science
Secondary Subjects – Math, Social Studies 
Grade Level – 4
The Water Cycle Unit Contents:

Motivation Activity
Lesson 1

Concept being taught: The Water Cycle – Water vapor moves between the earth’s surface and its atmosphere in a continuous cycle
I. Objectives:
Content: TSWBAT record what he knows and what he would like to know about the water cycle
Skill: TSWBAT infer what occurs in the observed scene of precipitation

II. Materials and Equipment
The Secret Garden (video)
KWL Charts, pencils

III. Detailed Lesson Outline: Motivation
Students watch brief scene (The Secret Garden) showing precipitation. Whole class discussion: What is going on in this scene? Make as detailed observations as you can. What can you infer from these observations?
Break into small groups and record all that you know about the water cycle on KWL chart (K section). Think about the scene from the video.what don’t you know about the water cycle that you think it would be important to find out? Write these things in W section of KWL chart. Share thoughts with class. Students keep KWL charts handy throughout unit to record new findings in L section.

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