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This lesson uses Owl Pellets to aid in studying the Skeletal System




6, 7, 8  

Title – Owl Pellets
By – Jamie Rettke
Subject – Science
Grade Level – 6-8
Topic: Skeletal System
Duration: 45-60 minutes
Analysis, comparing similarities and differences, generalizations
Objective: When asked the students will be able to:
1. Dissect an owl pellet to remove bones and remains.
2. Reconstruct a skeletal system
3. Identify possible prey of the owl
owl pellets
dissecting tools (toothpicks, tweezers)
construction paper
skull guide
skeleton diagram
1. Divide the students into groups of two. Review safety procedures including the need to wash hands before and after doing the activity. Give each group an owl pellet.
2. Have students separate bones from fur and other materials.
3. Students should use skull guide to help identify the type of animal that was eaten by the owl by comparing the various skulls found.
4. Determine if there are bones from more than one animal in the pellet. If there are, determine how many different animals are represented in one pellet.
5. Lay out the bones to form as many complete skeletons as possible. Skeletons may be glued on to construction paper for display or labeling.
1. Completion of owl pellet dissection, and identification of various bones found.
2. Oral questions before/after activity
1. Draw a picture of a simple food chain that includes the owl, it’s prey, and other animal or plant life that may be in the chain.

Jamie Rettke
Tinley Park, IL

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