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This blood bank research investigation idea lets science/health students apply classroom knowledge in a real world context


Computers & Internet, P.E. & Health, Science  


9, 10, 11, 12  


Title – Blood Bank Research Investigation
By – Gabriel Pacheco
Primary Subject – Science
Secondary Subjects – Health/PE, Computers/Internet
Grade Level – 9-12

Each student is to visit the website of his or her closest blood bank. The example I will use is the New York Blood Center. The address of the New York Blood Center is . It is close to my school and has a very thorough and informative site. On this site is a wealth of information about blood, blood diseases, blood types, and blood transfusions. The students should go the links entitled Blood 101 and FAQ.

The teacher should type up a series of questions that follow the sequence of the information provided by the website. The questions will vary depending on the learning level of the instructor’s class and his or her aim in assigning the project.

This can be a weeklong research project with presentations at the end or it can be an assignment done over two periods in a computer lab.

The students will hunt for information that is related to their anatomy using technology. The project aims to apply knowledge learned in a classroom in a real world context. It should also raise the students’ awareness to the necessity of blood donation.

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