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This fun lesson on Colors, Shapes, and Flowers is called “Planting A Rainbow”




K, 1  

Title – Planting a Rainbow
By – Mollie Tucker
Subject – Science, Art
Grade Level – K-1
Unit: Plants

Purpose of Activity: To reinforce shapes and colors and to become aware of how flowers are planted and how they bloom.

Lesson Objective:
TLW use shapes and bold colors to make collages.

Materials Needed:
1. White construction paper
2. Scissors
3. Scraps of brightly colored construction paper
4. Glue sticks,
5. Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert

1. Ask the students to think of their favorite flower and have them share.
2. When the student tells his/her favorite flower, ask what color it would be.
3. Read Planting a Rainbow.
4. The book doesn’t specify who was working in the garden with mother. Ask the children who they think the gardeners were?
5. Let the children brainstorm about how the pictures could have been made.
6. Provide the art materials and let the children experiment with the< forms to make the flowers.

Questions for Reflection:
1. Can anyone tell me what we talked about today?
2. Who helped mother in the garden?
3. How were the illustrations in Planting a Rainbow made?

Ehlert, Lois. Planting a Rainbow.

Assessment Strategies:
1. Have the students construct their own flowers, and have them tell about their finished picture or
2. Have students write a few sentences telling about the flower they constructed.

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