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This lesson deals with Plants That Never Bloom




K, 1  

Title – Plants That Never Bloom
By – Mollie Tucker
Subject – Science
Grade Level – K-1
Unit: Plants

Purpose of Activity:
To become aware of the fact that some plants do not bloom and to
differentiate between plants that bloom and plants that do not bloom.

Lesson Objectives:
TLW be aware that some plants never bloom.
TLW be able to recognize plants that bloom and those that do not bloom.

Brief Description of Activity/Concepts:
Read book Plants That Never Ever Bloom to class. Looking at pictures of different plants, the children will be able to point out which plants bloom and which plants do not. Children will taste different plants.

Materials Needed:
1. Book
2. Poster board with pictures depicting different types of plants.
3. Carrots, potatoes, mushrooms (mushrooms are technically a fungus, not a plant)
4. Samples of moss, grass, lichen, ferns, cone bearing plants, or any other plant that does not bloom

1. Read Plants That Never Ever Bloom.
2. Pass around samples of different types of moss, grass, and fern, letting the children feel their textures. Then pass around samples of lichen and different cone bearing plants.
3. Discuss which plants are on the poster board that were in the book.
4. The students will look at poster board and be able to point out which plants bloom and which plants do not.
5. Children will taste various types of plants (raw potato, carrot, mushroom – mushrooms are technically a fungus, not a plant).
6. Have children discuss the different types of non-blooming plants they have eaten.

Questions for Reflection:
1. What have we discussed today?
2. What are some plants that do not bloom?

Heller, Ruth. Plants That Never Ever Bloom.

Assessment Strategies:
1. Have the students point out which plants on the posterboard bloom and which do not
2. Ask the children to name some non-blooming plants they like to eat or have eaten lately.

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