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A Science lesson on Seeds





   Susan Keller
Seed Walk (2nd grade)

  -1 adult sock for each child
  -cupcake filter for each child
  -Seed Collection sheet, on tagboard
  -Seed Journal for each child
  -hand lenses
  -spray adhesive
  -plastic wrap
  -scotch tape
  -plant/seed reference books


Students will collect seeds and classify according to similarities and differences. They will observe features of seeds and try to identify them.


Students put on an adult sock over their shoe and the class takes a walk through a safe weedy area close to the school. Various seeds will stick to the socks over the students’ shoes. When they return to school, students sit outside and empty seeds into cupcake filters. Next, they observe the seeds under hand lenses and microscopes. The seeds are then classified and grouped. Spray a “Seed Collection Sheet” will spray adhesive and have students stick their seed classifications onto it. Cover with plastic wrap (tape wrap down if needed).

Students then refer to seed/plant reference books to try to identify their seeds. They share their collections and observations with the class, and write about the experience in their previously made Seed Journals.

Students could also predict what each seed would grow into, and actually plant it and see if their prediction was correct.

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