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Learn the four ways that seeds travel in this lesson





Title – Seed Travel
By – Amanda Weighley
Primary Subject – Science
Grade Level – 2

Instructional Procedures:

Attention Gainers: Ask the students how they get from place to place using riddles and having students pantomime.

Developmental Activities:

      Ask the students to look through their book and find the four different ways that seeds travel, while the teacher writes them on the board.

      The teacher will explain the concept of Tarzan words to the students.

      The students will look through their book to find Tarzan words to describe each of the way that seeds travel, while the teacher writes the answers on the board.

      The teacher will separate the students into eight different groups.

      The teacher will pass out a “seed pack” to each of the students.

      The pack contains a scenario that the students in the group will act out concerning how seeds travel.

      They will also have to tell about their seed and why it travels as it does.

      The students will act out their scenario in front of the class.

      The teacher will pass out a seed travel worksheet for the students to complete and turn in.

      When the students are finished with the worksheet they will be able to look at the different ways seeds travel in the book

Mysteries and Marvels of Plant Life

    by Barbara Cook.

Closure: Read Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney to the students to wrap up the lesson.

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