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A Science lesson on items that Sink or Float




K, 1  

Title – Sink or Float?
By – Mollie Tucker
Subject – Science
Grade Level – K-1

TLW predict whether each item will float or sink.
TLW be aware that some items sink and some items float.
TLW identify items that sink and those that float when placed in water.

Materials/Arrangements Needed:
clear plastic container, handout on which to make predictions and observations, water, items that sink, items that float, Christopher Columbus by Stephen Krensky

Read Christopher Columbus to the class.
Allow children to discuss the events in the book.
Ask children if they remember when Columbus thought his boat would sink and explain experiment to class.
Pass around bag and allow each student to pick out an object.
Have children come up one at a time and predict whether the object will float or sink; they will record their predictions.
Have children place their objects in the water, and write down their observations.
Discuss how their predictions differ from their observations.

Listen to and observe children as they participate in classification exercise.

Ways to Simplify:
Have fewer items and allow students to test their predictions alone or in pairs.

Ways to Extend:
Have children bring in items from home and test their predictions.
Have children research the reasons certain items sink and others float.

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