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A lesson on sound that incorporates music and literature (The Magic School Bus)




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Linda Dionne Higgins

Lesson Plan Subject: Science

Lesson Plan Title: Spook sound fizzle style

Topic: Sound

Goals: To understand how sound is heard in a three-step process.


1. SWBAT fill out a science journal on: sources of sound, how sound travels, and how we hear sound with 100% accuracy.

2. SWBAT work with one partner on stay social skills.

3. SWBAT write the correct vocabulary word for five given definitions.

Motivation: Dress as Miss Frizzle from the Magic School bus.

Spooky sound tape. Bring in vibrating props


    1. Read the magic school bus at the sound museum or watch the tape.
    2. Discuss story
    3. Make sound journals.
    4. On first page write the sources of sounds.
    5. How does sound travel? Air. Show with airwaves by dropping a penny into the water.
    6. Sound waves travel till they hit your ear. Vibration takes place in your ear.
    7. Sing song: To are you sleeping:

How do you make sound,

How do you make sound,

It travels through the airwaves, till it meets the eardrum

The eardrum vibrates the eardrum vibrates.

  1. The brain translates the message from the ear and lets you know what you are hearing.

Make sheets to go with it and write things they learn in sound journal.

Have fun and add new fun things to make the lesson really special for your grade level!!!!

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