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Spider webs are captured here with this idea involving hairspray and lamination film




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Title – Spider Webs
By – Brandy Alvarado
Primary Subject – Science
Grade Level – Multi-age

Materials needed:

      Black construction paper


      Clear lamination film (the kind with one sticky side)


      1 can of aerosol hairspray


    Safety goggles


    Take your group outside and have them locate different kinds of spider webs. After making sure our eight-legged friends are not home, have one child stand behind the web, holding the black paper up to the web. Have another child spray the web with hairspray. Gently press the paper to the web. The spider web should stick to the construction paper. Cover the web side of the paper with the laminating film. This assures that the web doesn’t come off the paper. Once a few webs have been collected, you can show the children how different spiders make different webs, and explain how the webs serve different purposes as far as what they can and cannot catch. These can be displayed. They come out beautiful and the kids can proud of their personal science experience.

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