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This lesson plan is an Exploration of Volcanoes


Language Arts, Science, Social Studies  


3, 4, 5  

Title – Volcanoes
By – Elizabeth Lippolis
Subject – Science, Social Studies, Language Arts
Grade Level – 3-5
Module 8.4

Major Objective: Explore volcanoes, volcanic activity, and the effect on the environment. Meets district Science objectives C138 and C139.

Materials: Magic School Bus Inside the Earth (book), 9X12 paper, world maps, red crayons, clay

Time Required: two to three weeks depending on daily time allotments.

Activities and Procedures:

1. Read Magic School Bus Inside the Earth in pairs.

2. Each group summarizes and contributes at least two facts about volcanoes to the class chart.

3. Students fold the 9X12 sheet of paper into 8 sections.

4. Students define and illustrate volcano terms: crust, mantle, magma pool, magma, lava, ash, cone, vents.

5. Students may use their books and/or internet sites to assist them. 

6. How do volcanoes form? Why do they form? Students should work to find answers to these two questions as they finish their illustrations from number 4. 

7. In pairs, students visit volcano sites to locate four active volcanoes around the world. They need to chart the name of the volcano, its location, when it last erupted, and whether it is considered active or inactive. 

8. Using a world map and a red crayon, plot where student’s volcanoes are located. Students mark their own maps as well. This constitutes part of the “Ring of Fire” as scientists call it.

9. Using internet sites find out how a volcano effects the surrounding environment. 

10. As a class discuss how a volcano erupting near our town would change our lives and the surrounding countryside.

1. Using clay create a model volcano. Be sure to show its irregular features, side fissures, etc.

2. Find the active volcano nearest our school.

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