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Pilgrim Voyage Across the Atlantic Handout


Science, Social Studies  


5, 6, 7  


Pilgrim For A Minute

What’s your name Pilgrim?___________________________

You are a Pilgrim getting ready to take the voyage across the Atlantic Ocean to settle the New World.  Chances are that you will not be coming back to Europe.  On the chart below you must prioritize the things that you believe you absolutely must have in order to survive the journey and the colonization.  You must also make a short list of the things you will have to leave behind.  Remember that you can only carry as much as will fit in two medium sized suitcases.
Think hard as if you really were a Pilgrim.  That means that you can’t take your Sony Playstation, your skateboard, or your Alannis Morrisette, NSYNC, or Jewel CDs.

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