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Ocean Animals are the subject of this section


Science, Social Studies  


K, 1, 2, 3  

Title – Ocean Unit
By – Debbie Haren
Subject – Science, Social Studies
Grade Level – K-3
Have four groups of classmates of about 5 children in each group pick an animal that lives in the ocean to study. The teacher can pick them or let the group choose together. Some of the popular ones will be Sharks. Whales, Dolphins and Octopus. Have the group of children do research on their animals. Have requirements for them to find such as size, what they eat, weight, lifespan, predators, Are they a mammal?, Are they likely to live in a group or are they solitary animals? How long do they raise their young? How often do they have babies? How many and what size do they average when they are born? Have such questions typed out on a sheet of paper for each student to look from. In their groups each student can be responsible for 3 questions to look up and report to the group about. At the end they can make their particular animal out of whatever material they would like and add it to the butcher block paper painted to look like an ocean. By now your ocean should Have plants and animals in it and should be looking very colorful and informative. I would Have each group do an oral presentation on their particular animal and then hang up a written full report on a bulletin board. The students should be limited to a two page report on their animal so it is not to lengthy to read.

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