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Teach about the Oceans of the World with this part


Science, Social Studies  


PreK, K, 1, 2, 3  

Title – Ocean Unit
By – Debbie Haren
Subject – Science, Social Studies
Grade Level – PreK-3
It is time now to discuss the types of Oceans in the world. Discuss together and brainstorm about the names of all the oceans in the world. Have a globe out and see if the children know around where the oceans are located. If they do not, point them out on the globe. Discuss where the ocean is by the continents that surround it. The names of the oceans can be used as spelling words on the names of the continents or both. Have a small quiz on where the oceans are located and the continents if you want to include that on the quiz. At this point many words that have come up in the unit can be used as spelling words. Always try to use the internet or computer for information to help children realize the vast amount of information available on the internet that is factual and informative.

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