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“The Great Kapok Tree” is used to teach about Rain Forest Trees here


Science, Social Studies  


K, 1  

Title – Rainforest Trees
By – Tricia Badillo
Subject – Science, Social Studies
Grade Level – K-1

Rainforest literature “The Great Kapok Tree”
Construction paper: brown, black, green
glue, scissors

Read “The Great Kapok Tree”
Discuss the book asking age appropriate questions such as,

“Why was the man going to chop down the Kapok tree?”
“Why did the animals come down and talk to the man while he was sleeping?”
“Which animal took the longest to arrive to the man?”
“Which animal do you think made the biggest impression on the man?”
“Why do you think the man left his ax and walked off?”
“What would you have done if you were the man?”

After discussing the book with the class, really point out the greatness of the Kapok tree itself. Talk about the length of time it takes to grow that large, how many animals depend on it, etc.

For a follow-up activity, have each child make their own Kapok tree with construction paper and hang them up in the room.

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