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This one is for studying the Uses of Water


Science, Social Studies  



Title – Uses of Water
By – Harlon Nathan
Subject – Science, Social Studies
Grade Level – 2

Duration: 45 minutes

Objectives: Students will be able to:

1. State orally how water can be used;
2. Circle the correct uses of water on a chart;
3. State orally the importance of water.

Concepts: Natural resource, Importance, Value, Need.

Lesson Content: The uses of water: Washing, Fishing, Sailing, Bathing etc.

Teaching/learning strategies: Discussion, Brainstorming, Question and answer with/without stimulus.

Social Studies processes: Providing explanations, addressing values/attitudes, promoting inductive reasoning.

Resources/Materials: Container with water, chart showing water being used, word cards with uses of water.

Introduction: Teacher introduces the lesson by presenting students with a container of water and asks students about various ways in which the water can be used. Students will demonstrate their answers.

Step II: Student responses are written on the chalkboard. Responses are reviewed and students are asked to to say if there are any other uses besides those given. A brief discussion is held.

Step III: Teacher shows the chart and asks students to say what they see. As students identify the various actions being per-formed, the word cards are placed beside them. Questions about the different scenes are asked.

Step IV: Students will be asked to take a closer look at the chart and say if they see any bad uses of water. A brief discussion is held about how water can be misused. Students will be asked to say why water is important and why it is necessary for us to have clean water.

Closure: There will be a review of the lesson: how water is used, how water can be misused, the importance of having water.


Circle the uses of water

Drinking Fishing Bathing Throwing Sailing

Sharing Wasting Cleaning Washing Cooking

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