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This lesson involves an experiment with volcano explosions


Science, Social Studies  


K, 1, 2, 3  


Title – Volcano Explosions
By – Debbie Haren
Primary Subject – Science
Secondary Subjects – Social Studies
Grade Level – K – 3rd grade

Making a Volcano

Styrofoam cups
Food coloring
Baking Soda
Saran Wrap
rubber bands

Each child needs a cup, rubber band, and a small piece of saran wrap.

Pre lesson

Talk to students about forces of nature and have them came up with a list of forces of nature. Some examples would be floods, hurricanes, lightning hitting buildings, volcanoes and tornadoes. Ask the students if they have ever been part of a natural disaster such as a tornado warning or flood. Ask the students if they know what to do during a tornado or hurricane.
Exact questions to ask students:
Do you know what a natural disaster is?
Can you name a natural disaster?
Have you ever been part of a natural disaster while it was happening?
What did you do?
Have you ever heard of a disaster preparation kit?
What do you think would be part of that kit?

Take the cup and cut off the small bottom piece of the cup. Take the small piece of saran wrap and cover the top with it. Use the rubber band to hold the saran wrap on. Now hold the cup with the saran wrap covered part on the bottom. Now put a few drops of food coloring in the bottom. I suggest red for the lava of the volcano. Now put a small amount of vinegar in the bottom also. Now go around and put a teaspoon of vinegar in each one and watch the reaction occor. After the experiment has started talk about how hot lava gets and how it burns forests and houses and everything in its path. Talk about the biggest volcanoes and possibly have students write book reports on different volcanoes in the world.

After the Experiment Questions:

1. Tell me one thing you learned today that before this you did not know.
2. Make a picture of a volcano and write your new information that you have learned today. Or write a volcano fact that you learned today. Such as the highest, oldest or last known volcano to erupt.
3. What is a natural disaster? Name a natural disaster.
4. What is a disaster kit and why would you need one?
5. What is the tallest volcano in the word?
6. Where is it located?

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