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Here’s an idea for using poetry (reading and writing) to help think about weather






Title – The Weather in the World and the U.S. Unit
By – Debbie Haren
Primary Subject – Science
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – 2

Poem book with nature poems in it. Such as Thorrea.
pictures of nature (you can get these from old calendars).


Read several poems out of a book of poems. Discuss the poems you read and what they have in common. Such as they are all about nature. Are some about good weather and bad weather. Such as wind rain and snow. Have children think about the weather and a particular memory about it. Was this a good memory or a bad memory? What happened? How did it turn out? Was everyone O.K.? Was this scary? Some examples might be a snow storm, a flood, a blizzard, etc…
After they have discussed their weather related incident have them write a poem about it.
Have them make on a separate piece of paper a drawing to go with their poem. Have the students who would like to share their poem or picture show them to the class. Ask the students if they would allow you to hang the pictures up in the hallway for everyone to see.

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