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Here’s an idea for students to create books about “Things That Fly”




PreK, K  

Title – Things that Fly
By – Debbie Haren
Primary Subject – Science
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – Preschool and Kindergarten
plain white construction paper

Talk about things that fly. Start by having the children name everything they can think of that flies. After they have thought of everything they can have them look at the magazines and cut out pictures of things that fly. After they have cut out several pictures have them glue one on a piece of white construction paper. Have them tell you what it is and then write it down on the bottom of the paper. After they have cut out 3 or 4 pictures put it together, staple it and write on the front cover page “Things that Fly” By:_________. This is the children’s own book of things that fly. Have them share their book with the class if they want too. Encourage the children to take it home and “read” it to their parents.

Talk about how these animals can fly. Is it important to have wings? How do planes fly? Have any of the children ever flown in a plane? Where to? Did they have fun in the plane? What did they see up in the sky?

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