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This lesson is meant to help students Understand Hurricanes (uses Internet sites)


Computers & Internet, Science  


4, 5, 6  

Title – Understanding Hurricanes
By – Mark Gensimore
Subject – Science
Grade Level – 4-6

1. The learner will name the elements needed for the creation of hurricane.

2. The learner will be able to identify the 5 categories of intensity using the Saffir/Simpson scale.

4. The learner will be able to chart and graphs the path of the hurricane using daily wind speeds.


1. Have students define a hurricane and elements needed to create a hurricane. Have students log on to the following Web site to find out the definition of a hurricane and elements that create hurricanes. Have students listen to the video on how wind shear plays a role in hurricane development.
Next, have students log onto the following Web site to create their own hurricane using these elements. This allows students to gain a better knowledge on how each element effects hurricane development.

2. Discuss with students that some hurricanes are stronger than others. Have students go to the following site to learn about hurricane intensities and how they are categorized according to wind speed.

3. Have students explore past hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean. Have students log on the following web site and explore past hurricanes and their paths. For this activity you’ll need Shockwave installed on your computer.

4. Have students track hurricanes through the hurricane season using a hurricane tracking map. Tracking map and hurricane information can be found from the following web site. (Map is found at the bottom of web page)

Evaluation: Students will be given test on elements of a hurricane, intensity according to wind speeds, and track a hurricane given coordinates.

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