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This Wetlands idea is only feasible if you live in an area with various Wetlands




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Title – Wetlands
By – Sandra Dunlap
Subject – Science
Grade Level – 7-12

Reading assignment: Read about wetlands. Use a variety of sources such as the Internet, Audubon Society nature guides, encyclopedias, etc.

Pick one wetland system. Describe the ecosystem. Include water regime, common plants and animals, soil types if available, and any economic benefit to humans.

Draw a food web for your ecosystem.

Field Trip to local wetland area.

Materials needed: Sunscreen, insect repellent, magnifying glass, pencils, journal, field guides.

Often wetlands preserves have one or more types of wetlands contained within the preserve. Observe conditions in each of the areas. Note plant types, animal species observed, water conditions, etc.

Home assignment: Compare or contrast two wetlands areas observed on the field trip.

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