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Here’s a lesson for looking at where and how plants and animals live




K, 1, 2, 3, 4  


Title – Where Plants and Animals Live.
By – Sherian Waggoner
Primary Subject – Science
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – K-4
Lesson Plan Subject: Life Science
By Sherian Waggoner
Grade level-K-4

Where Plants and Animals Live

Concept/Topic To Teach:
Real life (plants and animals)

General Goals:
TLW state orally how plants and animals live.
TLW describe the different places plants and animals live.
TLW identify the relationship between plants and animals,

Specific Objectives:
TLW correctly answer questions about plants and animals.
TLW make a book about plants and animals in their environment.
TLW correctly identify how plants and animals play a daily role in our lives.

Required Materials:
nuts and food
paper and string for booklet
hole punch
loose copy paper
paper and pencils
dry erase board & marker
Science book (Plants and animal section)

Pictures of different animals.
Different food laying on the table.

Review earlier lesson. (Science Book)
Today we are going to learn about where plants and animals live.

Student response:

Tell the students to look at the pictures (plants & animals.) Describe the places they live.

Students Response:

List responses on the board. Discuss.
Tell the students that it is not always easy for plants and animals to survive. Can anyone tell me the reason that is?

Student response:

List the responses on the board. Discuss.

Independent Practice:
Make a book describing the way plants and animals live.
*Take one half sheet of construction paper. Then take two sheets of paper and cut in half. Put one half sheet of Const. paper and four half sheets of copy paper then punch two holes approximately 1 inch apart in the center. Put the short string in the holes and tie. Color and display on the wall.

Review lesson for extra learning.
Tell students what they will be learning tomorrow.

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