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This winter demonstration answers the question: “When does snow melt?”





Title – When does Snow Melt?
By – Elizabeth Orth
Primary Subject – Science
Grade Level – 1st

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills Standards:

    112.3.b.1.7 Science concepts. The student knows that many types of change occur. The student is expected to:

      (B) Identify and test ways that heat may cause change such as when ice melts.


    The students will be able to explain at what temperature ice melts, after experiencing the snow melting in a cup and watching the temperature of a thermometer go up.


    Take the children outside and fill a glass with snow. Place a thermometer in the glass and show what the temperature is.

Explanation/Modeling/Method of Explanation:

    Take the children and the glass back inside and have students sit in a circle with the glass in the middle. While they are sitting in the circle, explain briefly about the melting and freezing point.

Learning activities/Reinforcement/Individual Assessment:

    After about five minutes, the snow should have melted. Let the students observe how the snow has changed and the new temperature.


    To close, talk about how you can change different things into liquid by heating.


    Students will learn about melting points.

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