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Season of the Arts?

It seems that during the holiday season people the take time to appreciate the arts in a way that they don ‘t during the rest of the year.  Holiday fairs that feature hand crafted items abound, performances of the Nutcracker are a yearly tradition with many families, friends band together to carol around the neighborhood.

Holiday home decoration has become an art in itself.  I have a neighbor who creates an entire holiday “village” in her living room with miniature period figurines, buildings, railroads, trees. shrubs and signposts. While the endeavors may not qualify as a fine art, it seems that people are willing to indulge in creative activities during the Christmas season in a way that they normally wouldn ‘t the rest of the year. I wonder what it is about the season that makes it “safe” for people to indulge their creative side? Could it be that there are more creative opportunities for us to engage in, like tree decorating and gift wrapping?  Or are people just so caught up in the festive energy that they “forget” their usual insecurities and just have fun?  The arts surround us all year long, so why is it during the holidays we pay special attention to them?

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