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Shapes Poster


Art, Math  


K, 1, 2  

For this activity all you are going to need is a basic poster paper or a large coloured peice is also replaceable,fat tip felt markers,and clean white paper.

So first you are going to give the kids about 4-5 colors each,then give them 4-5 pieces of blank paper next you are going to tell them to brainstorm about how many different shapes they can think of,draw it on the paper,color,cut and paste them on if preferred,teachers can tell them to add a brief description of where you find those specific shapes outside.i use this on my class almost every year and its amazing to see how it works on them and I just love the feeling when my old students come see me after graduation and say their going to become teachers as well because of my poster and myself inspiring them and i hope u use this trick to inspire your students to work hard and become successful in life see u  :)

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