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Six Hispanic Heritage Month Lesson Plans for All Ages

Latino students reading a bookIn 2010, the U.S. Census Bureau reported that more than 50 million Americans have some Spanish ancestry. It is necessary for students to understand and recognize this rich culture and its influence on America. These lessons will help engage and enlighten learners about Hispanic culture.

Here are some lesson plans that can serve as outstanding resources for educators during Hispanic Heritage Month. These creative lesson plans will help teachers  impart knowledge about Hispanic culture to students in a creative way.

Six Fun Lesson Plans That Incorporate Hispanic Heritage

1. La Quinceañera: Exploring Rites of Passage

This multimedia lesson plan explores the origins of and meaning behind a quinceañera. Students will define the term “rite of passage,” identify the countries that celebrate quinceañeras, and understand other coming-of-age traditions using Venn diagrams. This lesson plan is for grades nine-12.

2. Where Did We Come From? Tracing Your Lineage

This journalistic lesson plan will help all students gain a greater understanding and appreciation for immigration and its effect on the United States. Students will learn about their own heritage and report their findings to their classmates. Much growth can take place when students realize how immigration has contributed to their own town and classroom. Teachers can focus on the Hispanic culture and tie that into the student’s learning.

3.Mexican History in 3D: Creating an Interactive Timeline

This challenging but fun lesson plan helps students understand Mexico’s history. Students learn about historic milestones in Mexican civilization, then research specific time periods in small groups. The class then works together to create a three-dimensional timeline of Mexican history, with each student creating an item to add to the display using art, text, or sculpture. This lesson uses a variety of skills and overlaps into many different content areas. Students can take pride in a final product that demonstrates what they have learned. This lesson plan is for grades eight to nine.

4. Celebrate Hispanic Heritage! A Collection of Interactive Games

These fun interactive lessons are ready to go for your students. This is a great resource to use when discussing the influence the Hispanic culture has had on America. Students can work independently from the lessons on the computer website. This is truly a fun way to learn and the quality is superb. You’ll find that elementary students will benefit from this site with a smile.

5. Tasty Quest: Mexican Food Field Trip

Students will love this multidisciplinary unit, which may be taught over a few days in a classroom or in the form of a field trip to a Mexican restaurant. Students learn about Mexican culture, then use Spanish and English words and a list of traditional dishes to create a Mexican dinner menu. Students will compare Mexican and American cultures and observe how they intersect or contrast.  The addition of a meal makes this a tasty learning experience, which is geared towards elementary students but can easily be adapted for additional levels.

6. Spanish Influence on United States Currency: The Origins of the Dollar

This lesson plan comes equipped with a quiz and reading activity. Middle school students will enjoy this unique activity that allows students to investigate currency ad how the Spanish culture influenced the dollar. It is a fun lesson with many different components. Teachers will need to gather the needed materials ahead of time but will be thrilled with the results. This is a great lesson plan with great benefits.

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