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Special Teachers For Special Students

Title – Special Teachers For Special Students

By – Kathleen W.

    I am a Special Education Teacher. After working in a school, I realized that my children, who have attention deficit disorder and dyslexia, needed more one-on-one attention. So I left my teaching job to home school my four boys. I started using a multi-sensory approach to teaching which involved making letters out of sand.

    In this process you use Elmer’s glue and trace the letters of the alphabet with the glue and then take different colored sand and sprinkle it all over the glue. I taped a string on my kitchen wall, just like you would hang a clothes line and then had the children hang each of the letters on the string to dry. I found that the best paper to use is either poster board or matting that is used for pictures, because the matting does not curl. I was amazed to watch my children trace the letters in the air as if they were sky writing, and then feel the sand letters using the index finger. After that process, they would use a chalk board or a piece of paper and write the letter down. This is a three-step brain training process which helps the child remember how to correctly write each letter. After they have achieved the letters, then you can move on to words and sentences.

    Another thing that they loved was to take a cookie sheet and spray the letter on using shaving cream. You can also fill the tray with colored sand and after tracing the letters or words, gently swish the sand on the tray to clear.

    I was totally amazed at how this simple process has helped all four of my boys to be able to remember the letters as well as the words. This particular lesson seemed to make all the difference in the world in how my children perceived themselves. They told me on different occasions before this, that they felt stupid or dumb because they could not keep up with the other children. This is not a quick fix, but if you work with this process for six months to a year, I am sure that you will notice that the child’s confidence is built up because their self esteen will prove to be more positive.

    I am so greatful that I was able to help my four children. I wish to help other children with writing disabilities and dyslexia. I hope that this will inspire other teachers to try this with their students.

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