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This is a project for Mapping out the 13 Colonies


Social Studies  


5, 6  

Title – Thirteen Colonies Map Project
By – Jamie Rettke
Subject – Social Studies
Grade Level – 5th-6th
State Standards
State Goal 17: Understand world geography and the effects of geography on society, with an emphasis on the United States.
Learning Standard 17.A: Locate, describe and explain places, regions, and features on the Earth.
Leaning Benchmark 17.A.2a: Compare the physical characteristics of placing, including soils, land forms, vegetation, wildlife, climate, and natural hazards.
Leaning Benchmark 17.A.2b: Use maps and other geographic representations about instruments to gather information about people, places, and environments.
Objectives: When asked, the students will be able to
1. Locate and label various geographic elements such as rivers and mountain ranges
2. Identify ten major colonial cities
3. Utilize various maps to gather information about geographic locations
Materials: (for each student)
Writing materials (black pen, blue pen, and pencil)
Coloring materials (markers, crayons, or colored pencils)
Oversized map displaying colonial America
Direction sheet with detailed directions for construction of map
1. Distribute map project direction sheet. Read aloud all directions with students. Stress to students that they pay close attention to directions, as they call for using specific colors. If there are no question, pass out blank maps to each student. Suggest to students that they should first write all material in pencil, in case of mistakes. They can later go over the writing in pen or marker.
2. List pages in current social studies book that may be used by students to identify cities, rivers, and mountain ranges.
3. Project may be divided over a number of days. Remind students to take their time as neatness counts.
A total of 100 points will be awarded for this thirteen colony map project. Students will be evaluated based on labeling, identification of information listed, grammar, and neatness of project. A separate sheet is available for the break down of point and final grade.
Overall, the students did quite well identifying and labeling areas on their maps. The only area of difficulty was getting the students become active researchers. Although pages of maps to be used were listed, students often claimed they could not find the information. It was almost as if they wanted someone else to do the work for them. When cases like this arose, I simply told the students the information they are looking for is in fact on the map, and they must attempt to find the information on their own. It was also important to remind the students to take their time and be neat.

The Thirteen Colonies Map Project
(hand out to students)
1. Label the major colonial cities on the map in black ink. Capitalize all proper nouns.

New Port
New York
Charleston (Charles Town)

2. Use blue marker to draw the rivers. Then label the rivers in blue ink.
Capitalize all proper nouns.

Connecticut River
Merimack River
Hudson River
Potomac River
Delaware River
Roanoke River
Sauquehanna River

3. Using green maker and the symbol in the Map Key, draw the mountains. Then label the mountains in blank ink.

White Mountains
Adirondack Mountains
Appalachian Mountains

4. Label the Atlantic Ocean in blue ink. Using a blue pencil or blue crayon, shade along the coastline.
5. Using different colors (colored pencils or crayons only) to show the following colonies: one color for the New England colonies, another color for the Middle colonies, and a third color for the Southern colonies.
6. Color the title.

Evaluation of students:
Social Studies Map Project Thirteen Colonies
Name _________________________ Date _______________
Labeling (42 points)
_____ Cities (20)
_____ Rivers (14)
_____ Mountains (6)
_____ Atlantic Ocean (2)
Identification (24 points)
_____ New England Colonies (8)
_____ Middle Colonies (8)
_____ Southern Colonies (8)
Grammar (16 points)
_____ Spelling (8)
_____ Capitalization (8)
Neatness (16 points)
_____ Coloring (8)
_____ Printing (8)
Extra (2)
_____ Student Name (2)
_____ Total Points
_____ Grade
Comments: ___________________________________________

Jamie Rettke
Tinley Park, IL

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