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Here a handprint American flag is created on a sheet


Social Studies  


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Title – Handprint American Flag
By – Dawn Pawlowski
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Grade Level – 1-5


Students will…
(1) identify characteristics of the American flag and
(2) explain the significance of the characteristics.

Materials: twin size bedsheet (white), newspapers, tape measure, pencils, star stencil, washable red, white, and blue paint, paint brush, and clear coat spray


(1) Select an area of the classroom to spread the twin bedsheet out. Under the bedsheet, put a layer of newspaper down in order to prevent the paint from bleeding through and staining the floor.

(2) Using a tape measure and pencil, draw equidistant lines for the 13 stripes. In the upper left-hand corner, box out an area for the 50 stars.

(3) You may want to paint the blue background of the star area so that it will be dry by the time students paint stars.


(1) Show students the official American flag. Discuss the characteristics (colors, number of stripes, numbers of stars, etc.)

(2) Using the stencil, have students paint the 50 white stars in the blue area.

(3) In order to paint the red stripes, you will use the students’ handprints. (***Before allowing the students to paint, you may want to put your own handprints on the flag in order to designate the difference between the red and white stripes.) Using the paintbrush, paint a thin layer of red paint on the student’s hand. Help the student correctly position his/her hand on the flag and firmly press the hand on the bedsheet. Continue to use paint handprints on the flag until all the red stripes are completed.

(4) During the painting, you can either (a) discuss the significance of our flag’s characteristics and/or (b) play patriotic music.

(5) After the flag is dry, and the students are gone, apply 1-2 layers of seal coat.

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