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This lesson suggests a template declaring a student’s independence from fill-in-the-blank


Seasonal, Social Studies  



Title – My Very Own Declaration Of Independence
By – Angela Ly
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Grade Level – 2


Note from

Ms. Ly made a template for this lesson that allows students to declare their own independence from ______________ because of the injustices of ______________ without representation and the tyranny of ___________ etc. The template was not included with the submission, but we think you might have fun making one for yourself declaring independence from __________.

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills Social Studies Standards:

    113.4b 1(C) History: The student is expected to explain the significance of various communities, state, and nation celebrations such as Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Thanksgiving.

Learning Objectives:

The student will be able to:

  • explain why the Declaration of Independence is important to the United States without teacher assistance.
  • identify key events surrounding the year 1787 without teacher assistance.
  • illustrate his/her Declaration of Independence document without teacher assistance

List of Materials Needed:

  • Social Studies book
  • Declaration of Independence template
  • markers/pencils.

Pre-Activity Preparation:

Teacher must make an example of his or her own Declaration of Independence to show to the students as a visual aid.


  • After reading the appropriate chapter in the class Social Studies book, the students will receive a Declaration of Independence template each
  • Students will then wait for instructions.

Establishing Set/Motivation/Introduction:

Teacher will ask the students how hard they thought it was to construct the Declaration of Independence, and what they think would be on it.

Learning Experiences/Presentation/Procedure:

  1. Read the chapter about the steps leading to up to the Declaration of Independence in the class Social Studies book.
  2. After reading about the colonists’ grievances ask: “Why did they feel like they should become independent from the British?”
  3. After reading about the war between the colonists and the British ask:
    • “What did they call those who still wanted to be dependent on the British?”
    • “What did they call those who wanted to be independent from the British?”
    • “Why was the war so important?”
  4. After reading about the construction of the Declaration of Independence:
    • Ask “Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?”
    • Instruct the students to leave the books open for our next activity.
  5. Ask the students “How hard do you think it was to make the Declaration of Independence?” After selecting a few students (those who rose their hands), inform them that they are going to make their own Declaration of Independence.
  6. Ask the line leaders to hand out the Declaration of Independence templates (one for each student).
  7. When everyone has received one Declaration of Independence template, set up the ELMO.
  8. On the ELMO, there will be a set of instructions, and a pre-made example.
  9. Further explain and if necessary, read the instructions aloud, making sure everyone understands them.
  10. In between instructions, ask if everyone understands.
  11. After explaining the instructions, inform the students that you will be walking around to make sure everyone is on task, and if they need help, they may raise their hand.


  • Have a few students (those who raised their hands) show their Declaration of Independence to the class.
  • After sharing, review the key points such as:
    • “Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?”
    • “When did the colonists become independent from the British?”
    • “What did the Declaration of Independence declare?”

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