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Students study the geography, politics, and people of Afghanistan in this lesson


Social Studies  



Title – Afghanistan Study
By – Rick Robbins
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – 9

Notes to teachers:

Materials required:

This assignment requires Internet access for each team of students,
a hard copy map of Afghanistan for each team (excellent maps may be obtained at National, and coloring pencils or markers.

National Geography Standards addressed in this lesson:

How to Use Mental Maps to Organize Information About People, Places, and Environments in a Spatial Context
The Physical and Human Characteristics of Places
The Characteristics, Distribution, and Migration of Human Population on Earth’s Surface
How the Forces of Cooperation and Conflict Among People Influence the Division and Control of Earth’s Surface

This assignment capitalizes on the excellent coverage of the refugee plight in Afghanistan that was posted by The National Geographic at their web site.

During the progress of the assignment, I carried out a teacher directed discussion of the charts. I created a composite chart on the board of information provided by students for six or seven countries. We then compared the profile of life in Afghanistan to other nations chosen by the students.

Several students found this discussion to be of great use when the time came to create their summaries.

In the original lesson I included some current events material drawn from the BBC coverage of the plight of the Afghan refugees. I have deleted those materials from these copies. Should you choose to include such information, you could certainly find abundant materials on the BBC web site.

Feel free to cut and paste this file as will be beneficial for your classroom!

Assignment 4
80 points

A Study of Afghanistan

This study of Afghanistan will look at the interplay of the physical geography, the politics and the people of the country.


Your work for this assignment should include the following:

1. The life expectancy and mortality chart.
2. Your summary of the data in the chart.
3. Your hypothetical diary entry of a refugee.
4. The composite map of Afghanistan showing population movements from the drought and from the war.
6. Your summary of the population movements.

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