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This Independence Day lesson idea yields student art work for a time capsule


Art, Social Studies  



Title – Independence Day
By – Rachael King
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subject – Art
Grade Level – 2nd

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills Social Studies Standards:

    113.4b 1C The student is expected to explain the significance of various communities, state, and nation celebrations such as Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Thanksgiving.

Learning Objectives:

  • The students will be able to comprehend the meaning of Independence Day.
  • The students will be able to recognize the true meaning of Independence Day and why we celebrate it.
  • The students will be able to give their own ideas on Independence Day.

List of Materials Needed:

  • Social Studies book
  • Printer Paper
  • Envelopes

Pre-Activity Preparation:

    After reading and questioning, prepare example of art activity.


  • The students can stay in their seats
  • The reward for “being good” is being called upon to answer questions and receiving M&Ms; for answering them.

Establishing set/Motivation:

  • Call on a few students to read the passage
  • The teacher asks questions and if they answer the questions close to the correct answer, they receive candy.

Learning Experiences/Presentation/Procedure:

  1. Students clear everything off their desk except their history book.
  2. Have them read aloud about Independence Day from the book.
  3. Pick a boy and a girl to read each side of the pages.
  4. Once they have read the passages, ask five questions out of the book that relate to Independence Day.
  5. Once they understand the history and the true meaning about Independence Day , I will pass out paper for the art project.
  6. Students will put their books away
  7. This art project will be a part of the curriculum connection involving a country that is free and independent
    • Explain to the children what the art project is about.
    • Pass out paper
    • Have them draw pictures and write sentences that tell why they enjoy living in a country that is free and independent .


  • Once everyone is done with their pictures, put their pictures in a big or single envelope.
  • Wrap up your lesson by explaining about the 300th birthday of July 4th 2076 (or 250th in 2026) and tell them that you will keep their pictures in a time capsule (box) to be opened on that date.

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