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Dreamcatchers are the center of this Native American culture lesson and “all-about-me” activity


Art, Social Studies  


K, 1  

Title – Native Americans By – Adelita Flores

Texas Essentials of Knowledge and Skills Social Studies Standards:

    15.A – Describe various beliefs , customs and traditions of Native Americans and explain their importance

Learning Objectives:

  • identify the first people in America
  • identify the ways of another culture
  • realize how far back family trees really go

List of Materials

  • Dreamcatcher picture for students to color and cut out

    (Search term: dreamcatcher coloring page)

  • Actual dreamcatcher
  • Native American cultural items such as:
    • Native American choker
    • Headdress feathers
    • Arrow bag
    • etc.
  • Pictures of Native American culture, clothes, food, homes, etc.
  • Hole puncher
  • Yarn
  • Scissors and coloring materials

Pre-Activity Preparation:

  • Gather Native American cultural items and pictures
  • Create dreamcatcher coloring page
  • Have coloring pages ready and materials laid out for students to grab at activity time
  • Have the ELMO turned on and ready to use when the students walk in


    The students can stay at their desks the whole time.

Establishing the Set:

    Show students the items brought and ask them what they think they are and what they might have been used for.


  1. Show the items brought and ask the students what they think they are and who might have used them.
    • Show the pictures of clothing, food, homes and customs of early Native Americans.
    • Share Native American cultural items.
      • Pull out the choker; explain that it was used as a source of protection. Pass it around from table to table.
      • Pull out the feathers and explain that it was used for the headdress. Feathers were added for doing brave things.
      • Pull out the bag; explain that it was used to hold arrows.

      • Pull out the dreamcatcher; explain how it was hung where people slept to catch their nightmares. The things inside of it represent the person it is for. Good dreams reach the person by sliding down the feathers.
  2. Ask students how our customs now are different from the ones of early Native Americans.

  3. Hand out the dreamcatcher coloring page; explain that each student should color it and put a few things inside of it that represent them.

    Give examples: beads representing each member of the family, favorite pet or animal, favorite book, favorite sport, a bead representing their home, school, or special place they visited, something they collect or a special hobby, etc.
  4. When students start finishing up, explain that they should cut out their dreamcatcher and bring it to you when they are finished
  5. Teacher punches a hole at the top of the dreamcatcher and puts a string through it.


    Have some students share their dreamcatcher and explain the things they drew to represent themselves.


Adelita Flores


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