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Blue popcorn is used to craft a state flower (Texas Bluebonnet) in this lesson


Art, Social Studies  



Title – Bluebonnets with Popcorn!
By – Jackie Dillon
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subjects – Art
Grade Level – Kindergarten

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills Social Studies Standards:

    XII: B Culture:

      The student is expected to describe customs of the local community (state).

Learning Objectives:

    The student will be able to:

    • recognize and recall the state flower of Texas
    • listen attentively and recall a story
    • create an art project based on teacher’s instructions.

List of Materials:

  • Blue Popcorn
  • Paper
  • Glue
  • Markers
  • Pencils
  • Book Legend of the Bluebonnet

Pre-Activity Preparation:

  • Make a “popcorn bluebonnet” as a model.
  • Have the book set up and ready to go!


    Students should start on the rug for the story, then move to tables for the activity.


    Before reading the book, ask “Who can tell me what the state flower of Texas is?”

Learning Experiences/Presentation/Procedure:

  1. Arrange students onto their carpet spots.
  2. Ask hook question.
  3. Read Legend of the Bluebonnets and make sure that new words are understood by the class.
  4. Bring out the example of the bluebonnet at the end of the story.
  5. Say, “Today we will be creating our own bluebonnets with popcorn and glue!”
  6. Demonstrate how to properly glue the popcorn onto the paper
  7. Demonstrate that markers can be used to draw the stems.
  8. Dismiss students back to their desks.
  9. Pass out all needed materials.
  10. Walk around and help students as they get started.
  11. When students start to finish up, have them place their papers aside to dry fully.
  12. Ask closure question when everyone is finished.
  13. When completely dry, hang all of the newly created bluebonnets on the wall for everyone to see!


  • Ask the class as a whole, “If someone were to ask you what the state flower of Texas is, you can now reply….”
  • The students will answer with, “Bluebonnet!”

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