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In this reference lesson, students research and present state facts on a poster


Art, Computers & Internet, Social Studies  


4, 5, 6  

Title – States Trivia
By – Wendy Lassiter
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subjects – Art, Computers / Internet
Grade Level – 4-6

This lesson is specifically for southern states, but can be adapted to include all states or other regions.

Teaching Strategy: Whole Group/Working in pairs

I. Concepts:

    Investigation and location of the southern states of the United States

II. Behavioral Objectives:

      At the conclusion of this lesson,

      the students will be able to:

        A. Locate the southern states and their capitals on a map of the United States (ACOS #1)

      B. Use reference sources to locate various information about the state being investigated (ACOS #2 and #3).

III. Alabama Course of Study:

      A. Social Studies #1 – Extend the development of map and globe skills.

      B. Social Studies #2 – Read, interpret, and organize information using a variety of sources and tools.

    C. Social Studies #3 – Apply reference skills in independent investigations of selected topics.

IV. Materials:

  • reference sources of U.S. southern states
    Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, North Carolina, and South Carolina ( );
  • blank U.S. map for each student ( );
  • poster board or construction paper;
  • white paper;
  • large pull-down map;
  • art supplies;
  • scissors

V. Teaching/Learning Procedures:

      A. Motivation:

        1. Ask students to think of some cool things about living in the south. Have students share with class.

        2. Tell students that they are going to work in pairs to draw and investigate some interesting facts about a southern state.

      B. Instructional Procedures:

        1. Divide students into pairs.

        2. Assign each pair a southern state to investigate and distribute reference sources (or allow students to visit computer lab and investigate online).

        3. Tell students that they are to find the following information about their state: state name, capital city, admission to statehood date, state bird, state flower, state song, nickname, motto, economy information, and two interesting facts or trivia.

        4. List above information on board and distribute white paper for students to draw state and construction paper that the state will be cut and pasted to.

        5. Tell students that they are to draw and label their state and its capital, and list information about their state on the back (of construction paper).

      C. Closure: (DAY 2)

        1. Have students share with class. Each pair takes turns identifying their state and capital on large pull-down map and telling some interesting facts about their state.

        2. When all pairs have identified their state, capital, and interesting facts, distribute blank U.S. maps and have students label the southern states discussed.

        3. Staple pages together to form a reference for future use.

VI. Evaluation:

    Evaluation is based on teacher observation for participation, completed projects, and labeling of states quiz.

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