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Children sculpt clay models of their favorite community members in this lesson


Art, Language Arts, Social Studies  



Title – Clay Community
By – Lorena Hernandez
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subjects – Art, Language Arts
Grade Level – Kindergarten

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills Language Arts Standards:

      110.2 (b) English Language Arts and Reading Standards:
        (1) Listening/speaking purposes.

          The students listens attentively and engages actively in a variety of oral language exercises. The student is expected to:

            (B) respond appropriately and courteously to directions/questions


            (C) participate orally


            (E) listen responsibly


        (14) Writing/Composition.

          The student composes original texts. The student is expected to:

            (C) write to record ideas and reflections.


        (16) Writing/Inquiry/Research.

          The student uses writing as a tool for learning and research. The student is expected to:

            (B) record or dictate his or her own knowledge of a topic in various ways such as by drawing pictures, making lists, and showing connections among ideas.


      113.2 (b) Social Studies Standards:
        (7) Economics. The student understands the importance of jobs. The student is expect to:

          (A) identify jobs in the school, home, and community.


      117.2 (b) Fine Arts Standards:
        (1) Perception.

          The student develops and organizes ideas from the environment.


      (2) Creative expression/performance.

        The student expresses ideas through original artworks, using a variety of media with appropriate skill.

Learning Objectives:

    Students will be able to:

    • list in order the community workers they like the most to the ones they like the least
    • write a sentence about their favorite community worker without teacher supervision
    • write a sentence about why they chose that specific community worker

Materials Needed:

  • Different color clay
  • Toothpicks
  • 6×6 piece of wax paper (if needed)
  • Craft sticks
  • Aprons (if wanted or needed)
  • Cards telling what doctors, police officers, firefighters, sanitation workers, janitors, and lifeguards do for their community
  • Costumes parts for the above community members (suggestions: hats, coats, stethoscope, badge, toy vehicles, jumpsuit, trash bags, trashcan, boots, flippers, goggles, towel, etc.)

Pre-Activity needed:

  • Materials (such as clay, toothpicks, and wax paper) have to be ready to be passed out.
  • Cards telling what each community member does must be prepared.
  • Costume parts representing community members need to be gathered into an easily carried box or bag.
  • Have the six students dressed and ready to enter class.


  • Students need to be seated at their desks before you begin the activity.
  • Hand materials out to the quietest students first.

Learning Experiences/Presentation/Procedure:

  1. Have students take a seat at their desk.
  2. Ask for six volunteers, then ask them to go out into the hallway with you. Take the bag/box of costumes with you.
  3. Tell the rest of the class to play a quiet game like Simon Says.
  4. Explain the directions to the six volunteers.
    • You will dress up as one of these people:
      • doctor
      • police officer
      • firefighter
      • sanitation worker (trash collector)
      • janitor
      • lifeguard
    • When you return to the classroom, don’t say what you are dressed as! Just tell the class what you do for the community by reading the card given to you.
  5. Give students time to get dressed. Meanwhile, check on the students that are still in the classroom.
  6. Have costumed students go into the classroom and take turns reading what they do from their card. Have class guess what their job title is.
  7. After every costumed student announced who they represent, tell all students in the class to pick their favorite community worker and form a mental image of what they look like. Also, announce that now they are going to create a clay model of their mental image (their favorite community worker).
  8. Hand out materials in order:
    1. Aprons
    2. Wax paper
    3. Craft sticks and toothpicks
    4. Then the clay
  9. Give students time to make their clay figures.


    Ask students to present what person they created and why they chose that community member.

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