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In this lesson students create model Native American Homes


Art, Language Arts, Social Studies  


5, 6  


Title – Create A Model Native American Home
By – Tricia Moskal
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subjects – Art, Language Arts
Grade Level – 5-6
Title: Create a Model Native American Home

State Goal: 17.B.2a – Describe how physical and human processes shape spatial patterns including erosion, agriculture, and settlement.

Narrative: Students will learn about different types of Native American homes and create a model home with a partner. They will give a short presentation of their home when finished. After presentations, the students will compare the different homes by using Venn Diagrams. This activity will take 3 weeks.

Objectives:Students will research various homes that the Native Americans lived in.
Students will give a presentation of their home when completed.
Students will gather in groups to compare the homes using a Venn Diagram.
Materials: Picture books on Native American homes
A sample model home
Venn Diagram transparency and worksheet

1.The teacher will ask the students what Native Americans could use to build a house if there were no metal available. The students will write responses in their journal.
2.A discussion will form and the teacher will give examples of Native American homes. There will also be pictures available for the students to see.
3.The teacher will instruct the students to pair up and choose a home to build.
4.The teacher will inform the students of the criteria necessary for this activity. The teacher will also show the students her model of a Native American home to set an example for the students to follow.
5.After the students research their homes, the teacher will set aside five class periods to bring in materials and work on the activity with their partner.
6.The teacher will walk around the room and check to see that everyone is working and answer any questions or concerns.
7.When the projects and presentations are completed, there will be a mini-lesson on Venn Diagrams. The teacher will show the students a Venn Diagram transparency and do an example with them.
8.The teacher will pass out Venn Diagram worksheets for each pair of students and instruct them to compare two homes that were presented.

Assessment: Students will be assessed on their models using the project assessment form with at least 35 out of 50 points. The Venn Diagram worksheets will be assessed upon completion with at least five correct items.

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