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This Native American lesson involves Painting an Event, Story, or Person from Native American History


Art, Language Arts, Social Studies  




Title – Native American Murals
By – Tricia Moskal
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subjects – Art, Language Arts
Grade Level – 5
Unit Title: Native Americans
Lesson Title: Native American Murals
State Objective: 16.A.2c. – Ask questions and seek answers by collecting and analyzing data from historic documents, images, and other literary and non-literary sources.
Multiple Intelligence Mode: Spatial
Integrated Curriculum: Art, reading, writing
Lesson Objective: 1. The students will be able to paint, with watercolors, a specific event, story or person from the Native American time period.
2. By utilizing all books, materials and prior knowledge of this time period
3. With five checks in the “evident” column of the rubric.
Materials and Resources Checklist: Watercolors/Paintbrushes
White paper
Books and materials (see bibliography at end of unit)
Rubric assessment

Motivation/Background: I will ask students to close their eyes and imagine they are an Indian child living in the 1800’s. They are from the Great Plains and live in a tepee. Ask if they could think about what things they would draw to express this scenario.

Clear/Detailed Instruction: 1. After asking the gathering responses from the students, I will tell them that they are going to choose an event, story or person from the Native American time period using all the resources available in the room.
2. The students will look through the resources or choose something from their prior knowledge (anything from previous lessons.)
3. The students are to use as much creativity with this assignment as possible and may work with others.
4. Once they choose their subject, they will gather the necessary materials and work on the assignment.

Guided Practice: The students will be shown an example mural of the folktale we read in class How Turtle’s Back Was Cracked.
Check for Understanding: After giving the students some time to think about their assignment, I will ask what each student chose and help those who haven’t decided yet.

Team Practice: The students will think, pair and share ideas amongst each other. They will work in small groups while painting.
Check for Understanding: I will walk around the room to make sure the students are working together on the assigned project.

Independent Assignment: The students will write one paragraph explaining what they painted and how it relates to the Native American culture.
Adaptations for Individual Needs: I will direct these students and show them how to use the books and materials to begin their assignment.
Assessment Procedures: Students will be assessed according to the attached rubric with at five checks in the “evident” column.

Lesson Closure: The students will explain their mural and read their paragraph to the class. All murals will posted in the hall to show our artistic ability to express the Native American time period.

Student Reflection Activity: Students will write a journal entry on this lesson. They will include what their mural was and how it related to the Indians. They will also include what other types of expression can be used to describe a time period (music, clothes, food, etc.)

Adaptation for Higher Grade Level : These students will be working on the previous assignment from the Indian chiefs lesson.
Adaptation for Lower Grade Level: These students will need to achieve four check marks in the “evident” column of the rubric, (they must attain the creativity assessment to pass this lesson)
Teacher Reflection:

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