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This is an idea for a shoebox fundraising parade to benefit hurricane victims


Art, Social Studies  


PreK, K  


Title – Mardi Gras Shoebox Parade
By – Cheryl Goodwin
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subjects – Art
Grade Level – PreK-K

This idea was sent to us from a Mom’s Club consisting of over forty stay-at-home mothers. They plan to use this idea at an upcoming Community Pre-schooler’s Play Date. It was adapted from an idea already posted on this site.

Each child brings a shoebox and a favorite stuffed animal/doll/toy that would fit inside. At the play date, Moms will cover the box with white paper. Then we have the kids decorate their “Mardi Gras parade” boxes with crayons, washable markers, stickers, etc. Then we will tie a string to the box and fasten it (in some way) and they could “pull” their “parade float” as we parade them around in a big circle while playing some sort of parade music. Children are given beads to wear. We will have a jar labeled: “hurricane-victim’s fund” and ask Moms to help children collect change (at home, from family members, friends etc) for this important effort. The kids love dropping coins in the jar.

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