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This great New Year’s lesson is called “Reflections: 2001” but can be used for any New Year


Art, Social Studies  


2, 3, 4, 5, 6  

Title – Reflections: 2001
By – Kim Haas
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subjects – Art
Grade Level – 2-6
Reflection: 2001

Objective: Students will complete a mobile of events that were important to them in the year 2001.
Age: adjust according to grade level.

Materials: Index cards, markers, and scissors, string

Anticipatory set: A whole year has gone by and now we are in 2002. How many days are in a year? (365) Today is the _____, how many days until 2003? Last year, many events happened in the world and to you.personally.

Lesson: Today were going to make a mobile of events from last year. We are going to think of three things that happened in the world as a class, and I want to you to choose 3 events that happened in your life that were important.

Part 1: Brainstorm ideas for events that happened in the world.
A. School, community, city, state, country, world. make categories for each one on a large piece of chart paper.
B. Guide students by questioning. Could be political, sports related, movies, etc. Write ideas on chart paper.
C. Have students draw and write event on index card, you can look up dates later. (Older students can look up dates on Internet).
D. Attach index cards to a photocopied globe. Lots of variations (styrofoam, paper, paper-mache)

Part 2: Brainstorm ideas for events that happened in personal life.
A. School, friends, family, moving, new pet, new family member, and achievements.
B. Show your own example.
C. Draw and write events on index cards.
D. If students know exact date, have them write it, or give month event happened.
E. Attach cards to a picture of student, a photocopied house. this can be anything.
F. Attach this to the globe portion and you have a hanging mobile!

Part 3. Have students write new years resolution at the bottom

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