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Students study the hardships of pilgrim life in this lesson and make a “thankful for” quilt


Art, Social Studies  




Title – Mayflower Voyage / Thanksgiving Quilt
By – Katharine Hathaway
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subjects – Art
Grade Level – First Grade
Teaching Strategy:   Whole Group
Time:   45 min.


Concept or Skill: The students will learn about the Mayflower, Pilgrims and the origin of Thanksgiving.   The students will be aware of the living conditions that the passengers aboard the Mayflower were exposed to and the life that they endured on the Plymouth Plantation.

Alabama Course of Study:


    Describe the origins of holidays in various cultures

Compare the lives of children living today to the lives of children of a different time period.

Behavioral Objective:  

      The students will be able to: Understand the reasons why the Pilgrims and other passengers came to America.
    Review the history of the Pilgrims Thanksgiving.


v      Chalkboard

v      Large colored paper

v      15 pieces of small paper

v      Art supplies (crayons, scissors etc.)

Teaching/Learning Process:



        I will first ask, “What is a Pilgrim?”   I will then ask, “Have you ever heard of the Mayflower? What is the Mayflower?”   I will write their responses on the chalkboard.


Instructional Procedure:


        1.   After listening to the student’s responses, I will explain to them that a Pilgrim is someone who travels to a far off place because of his or her religion. 2.   I will also explain to the students that the Pilgrims once lived in England and lived in a very unhappy and difficult environment.   They wanted to come to the United States so that they would be free.    They came to the United States in September 1620 on a big ship called the Mayflower.   3.   That it was very crowded, over 120 people were on the Mayflower and 33 of those people were children.   I will ask the students what they think it was like to be a child on the Mayflower.   I will have them discuss what kinds of food they think they ate and what their life must have been like once they got to America.   I will discuss with the class how children in 1620 were different from them.   I will tell them about their responsibilities and the jobs that they had on the Mayflower and on Plymouth Plantation.   4.   I will ask the students what they think the Pilgrims were most thankful for once they got to America.    I will explain that this voyage of the Mayflower was why we celebrate thanksgiving.   I will review with the class what we have discussed by asking question on the material.   5.   I will ask the students what they are most thankful for and pass out a piece of paper to each child.   I will tell the class that they are to draw a picture of what they are most thankful for this thanksgiving.   I will tell them that when they are finished we are going to glue their pictures on a large colored piece of paper to make a Thanksgiving quilt.  




      Once the students have finished with their pictures we will discuss what they drew and what they are thankful for.


I will assess what the children have learned, by the feedback that I receive during the discussion.   I will also evaluate what the class has learned by their responses to the questions asked.

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