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A lesson on the American Flag and its Symbols


Art, Social Studies  


K, 1, 2  


Title – The American Flag
By – Rebecca Croft
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subjects – Art
Grade Level – K – 2
Students will be able to name the number of stars, the number of red stripes, the number of white stripes, and name what each represents.

1) Students will make a small flag collage
2) Teacher will explain what the stars and stripes represent
(stars-one for each state-total of 50 stars)
(stripes-7 red, 6 white-total of 13 stripes for the original colonies)
3) Students will cut out stars (shapes)
4) Teaching video
5) Teacher will read a book to the class about the flag
6) Students will drill in pairs the 5 main facts
7) Students will make a large flag collage for display

Construction paper
Star patterns
Book (Red, White, and Blue: The Story of the American Flag; by John Herman; Grosset & Dunlap; 1998)
Real American Flag
Index Cards

1) Teacher Observation: Teacher will observe the students in groups and see how they are doing with the cards and with the making of the flags
2) Checklist

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