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Here’s an idea for creating a Bill of Rights Mural


Art, Social Studies  


8, 9, 10, 11, 12  

Title – “Bill of Rights Mural”
By – Michelle Beerbower
Subject – Social Studies, Art 
Grade Level – 8-12

*I have used this assignment in both Civics and Government classrooms.

Objective: To Enhance the Students Understanding of the Bill of Rights.

1. After introducing the Bill of Rights, I broke the class into 10 two or three person groupings.

2. Each group picked a number from a jar. The number represented the Amendment to the Constitution that they would be responsible for on our mural.

3. Each group received a very large sheet of paper (poster size or larger is recommended).

4. Each group “paints a mural” of their amendment using only pictures/symbols and NO WRITTEN WORDS!!

5. Drawings/Collages/Painting–any medium is acceptable.

6. I gave the groups approximately 2-3 days from conception of the idea to the finished product (after which they presented their mural to the class).

7. Display murals in the classroom/hallway

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