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This lesson is called “Build the Continents”


Social Studies  


4, 5, 6  

   Social Studies
Build The Continents
Grades 4-6
by Linda Newcome
   Activity:  Building the continents

Completion: 2 class periods

Age:  4-6 grade

Objectives:  Students will
    *learn the seven continents and their locations
    *be able to locate and name all oceans and major seas
    *illustrate latitude and longitude
    *locate the equator and prime meridean
    *complete a quiz on the materials above

Materials: brass tacks (2 per globe), cotton balls/batting, yarn, copy of blank map of the World for each globe, (7) 2inch strips of blue or green construction paper cut lengthwise, glue stick, resources to help students with their project (social studies books, encyclopedias, atlases, and etc.)

Procedures: Teacher provides students or pair of students with a syllabus explaining the requirements for completion of project. Teacher precuts strips of construction paper with paper cutter, or have students measure and cut for a math lesson.

1. handsout materials and syllabus and groups students

2. review syllabus with students

3. Students label and color contients their choice or yours for easy grading, put strips together with a brass tack at the top and bottom. Spread strips apart to form a globe, glue contients on the globe, gue equator and prime meridean in place. Cotton is used to mark the North and South Poles.

I attached the globes to a string and hung from the ceiling.

Evaluation: completion of the syllabus, working cooperatively, and quiz.

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