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This lesson is on Ancient Egypt and involves students creating a Slide Show Presentation


Computers & Internet, Social Studies  



Title – Ancient Egypt Slide Show Presentations
By – Helen Miller
Subject – Social Studies, Computers & Internet
Grade Level – Grade 6

Helen Miller Module 8 Assignment 4

Social Studies – Ancient Egypt History

Students will work with Media Teacher using the Internet (Websites and Links) to help complete the 6th Grade Classroom Egypt Unit.

Students will develop a Slide Show Presentation to present their research information to Classmates. (approx. 10-15 mins. in length)
Included in the Student’s Slide Presentation should be: information about their topic, show research sources, and what they learned from their research and Slide Presentation on Egypt.

Grade 6 Cooperating work between Classroom Teachers and Media Teacher

pens/pencils, folders, paper, notes from brainstorming and planning session, computer/Internet Access, floppy disks


LENGTH OF TIME – 6 class periods (45 minutes each)
1 day for Preliminary review and teacher instruction
2 days for Web Searching
2 days to put information into a slide show presentation
1 day for finalizing slide show presentation

Day 1 Media Teacher will review with students how to Internet, Search Engines, Websites and Links.
Students will brainstorm about Egyptian Project.
Review and discuss Slide Show Presentations and answer student questions.
Pass out worksheet which contains all steps, information and instructions students need to develop their projects.
Discuss how students should gauge their time.
Point out the many Websites listed on worksheet for student’s to view.

Day 2-3 Researching:
Students will connect with Search Engines “AskJeeves” & “Yahoo” and look at other Websites and links about Ancient Egypt.

Day 4-5
Students will choose which information they will use to develop their presentations.
Examples: translating Hieroglyphics; Understanding Egyptian Beliefs; How to Build a Pharaoh; etc.
There are many options for students.

Day 6 Finalizing Presentation:

Students will check and recheck their work.
Students will save their Slide Show Presentations to their floppy disks.
Students will practice their presentations with Media and Classroom Teachers.

Students will make their oral Slide Show Presentations to the class. Class will critique each student’s Show using positive comments to evaluate each Presentation.
Students will write about their favorite Slide Show Presentation and give reasons to support their choices.

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