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Sixth graders make a foreign country photo story in this lesson


Computers & Internet, Social Studies  



Title – Foreign Country Photo Story
By – Tina Billman
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subjects – Computers / Internet
Grade Level – 6

Concept / Topic To Teach:

    Students will learn about other countries.

Texas Essential Knowledge Social Studies Standards Addressed:

      (1) In Grade 6, students study people, places, and societies of the contemporary world. Societies for study are from the following regions of the world: Europe, Russia and the Eurasian republics, North America, Central America and the Caribbean, South America, Southwest Asia-North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Australia, and the Pacific realm. Students describe the influence of individuals and groups on historical and contemporary events in those societies and identify the locations and geographic characteristics of various societies. Students identify different ways of organizing economic and governmental systems. The concepts of limited and unlimited government are introduced, and students describe the nature of citizenship in various societies. Students compare institutions common to all societies such as government, education, and religious institutions.


        (b)(4) Geography. The student understands the factors that influence the locations and characteristics of locations of various contemporary societies on maps and globes and uses latitude and longitude to determine absolute locations. The student is expected to:


          (D) identify and locate major physical and human geographic features such as landforms, water bodies, and urban centers of various places and regions;


        (b)(22) Social studies skills. The student communicates in written, oral, and visual forms. The student is expected to:

          (A) use social studies terminology correctly;


          (B) incorporate main and supporting ideas in verbal and written communication based on research;


          (C) express ideas orally based on research and experiences;


          (D) create written and visual material such as journal entries, reports, graphic organizers, outlines, and bibliographies based on research;


          (E) use standard grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and punctuation; and


          (F) use proper citations to avoid plagiarism.


      From: Texas Essential Knowledge Technology Standards Addressed:

      (8) Solving problems. The student uses research skills and electronic communication, with appropriate supervision, to create new knowledge.
      From: General Goal(s):

    Student will become familiar with the location, government and culture of another country.

Specific Objectives:

    Student will be able to locate information using the computer and resources recommended by the librarian, save photos and information in the required formats, locate files in the computer, and create a Photo Story as a means to communicate their knowledge to their fellow students.

Required Materials:

  • Teacher will need to have a computer and a data projector to demonstrate the lesson to the students.
  • Teacher will have a Word document with sources/links for each of the countries that students will work on.
  • Teacher will check library schedule and reserve dates and times for class visits.

Anticipatory Set (Lead-In):

  • Teacher will ask students for a show of hands from anyone who has been to another country.
  • Teacher will ask students for a show of hands from anyone who knows anyone who has been to another country.
  • Teacher will call on one or two students to relate something about that country.
  • Teacher will tell students that they are to create a photo story to inform others about their assigned country and the features that make it unique.
  • Teacher will present a photo story on a country as an example of what the students are to do.


  • Teacher will distribute copies of the checklist to students so that they can see what will be required of them.
  • Teacher will have a list of countries for students to select from. Students will randomly select a slip of paper with a country name on it.
  • Teacher will demonstrate how to open a folder, and store files in it.
  • Teacher will open Microsoft word and demonstrate how to copy and paste web addresses.
  • Teacher will offer suggestions for naming photo files.
  • Teacher will email a page of links to the inclusion students to ensure that they can locate the required information.

Plan for Independent Practice:

  • Class will visit the library so that each child will have a computer to work on.
  • Teacher and librarian will assist students who are having difficulty.
  • Students will search for information using resources such as the CIA World Factbook, Encyclopedia Britannica Online, World Book Online and Discovery Streaming.
  • Students will create a Photo Story project following the guidelines provided in the checklist.


  • Students will be reminded to save their work in the designated folder.
  • Students will be reminded to compare their project with the checklist for completeness.
  • Teacher will poll students to judge progress.
  • Teacher will schedule additional visits for students to complete their projects.
  • Students will present their project to the class when finished.

Assessment Based On Objectives:

  • Students will be given the following checklist to use as they prepare their story to make sure that all elements are included.
  • Students will play their story for the class, and other students will provide constructive feedback.
  • Photo Story Checklist:

    Foreign Country Photo Story Project

    Your Photo Story presentation should include slides with the following elements:

        1. Name of the country that you are researching (2 pts)
        2. Map of the country that you are researching (7 pts)
        3. Flag of the country (7 pts)
        4. At least one major landform (7 pts)
        5. At least one famous landmark (7 pts)
        6. The type of government (7 pts)
        7. The type of economic system (7 pts)
        8. At least one major export (7 pts)
        9. The official language(s) of the country (7 pts)
        10. The major religions of the country (7 pts)
        11. A major holiday of the country (7 pts)
        12. A special food from that country (7 pts)
        13. A famous person from that country (7 pts)
        14. A list of websites where you obtained your photos (7 pts)
        15. A narration of each slide (7 pts)

    Create a folder in My Documents to store photos of your country and the photo story narrative.

    Open Microsoft Word so that you can write your script and record the websites you used as you go along.

    Your completed photo story will be presented to the class; the class will provide constructive feedback.

    Adaptations (For Students With Learning Disabilities):

        Students will be provided with a list of websites and search terms to help them locate information and photos needed for their country report.
        Example: Use

      to get a map of Argentina and a picture of its flag.

    Extensions (For Gifted Students):

      Students will be required to include background music and at least two different transitions.

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